The Evil Stepmother Speaks about Stepmother Help!

Stepmother help.  Stepchildren.  Stepfamily.  Stepmother Advice.  How do I become a better stepmother?  Stepfather and stepmother.  How did I become the Evil Stepmother?  I was a normal person.  All I wanted was to love my family, my stepchildren, my husband, and even the ex-wife.  How did I get here???  You didn’t know it.  But, you became an evil stepmother the day you remarried.  The second you said, “I do” you stepped into the fairy tale.  Yes, you became the evil stepmother, the villain in your stepfamily’s story.  You are a living, breathing symbol of a family who will never get back together.  Disappointment, fear and bitterness sets in as soon as the stepchildren and even the ex-wife realize that the family is irretrievably broken.

You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t these people realize that Mom and Dad were divorced?”  Of course everyone knows that.  The issue is that their hearts did not really accept that the family would NEVER get back together.  Now, the stepmother lives and breathes.  You must be the reason that I cannot live with my mother and father ever again.  I will never live in a cohesive home.  Worst of all, I have to live with my stepmother or stepfather.  How creepy is that?