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One Day We Became Stepmothers.

One Day She Stopped Listening to Stories of Fear and Worry and Found the Freedom She Always Desired

One Day She Understood She Had Been Perfect All Along

One Day She Understood She Had Been A Hero All Along

These lovely sentiments are the words of MaryLou Falstreau, poet, artist and our guest on today’s show.

Love, love, love MaryLou Falsteau’s artwork! What does that have to do with being a #stepmother?  Everything.  I think it is easy for a stepmom to forget about the big picture.  It is easy for us to forget about ourselves and how easy it is to get lost in the depths of our dramatic lives.  This show is going to help you get out of that syndrome.

I saw MaryLou’s work on Facebook and I immediately called her.  Her work are inspirations for all women, inspiring us to take a leap of faith or love ourselves or just stay sane.  I felt that her work would be fantastic inspirations for my blogs (Here’s one that I did around her work,

Her current series of work is called “Women and The Hourglass”.  This beautiful series talks about how time continues to pass and how there are lessons always to be learned.  This show will be an inspiration and make your week and (maybe your life!) soar!

How would you fill in the blank?

One Day She……………………….

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