The ONE LESSON that Can Change Your Life  aka Stepmoms Listen Up!

The ONE LESSON that Can Change Your Life aka Stepmoms Listen Up!

When my friend, Peggy Nolan, decided to end The Stepmom Toolbox show on BlogTalk Radio, I begged her not to!  I felt it was a vital tool for all of us and that we could find stepmom-passionate coaches to take over.  I wanted to be one of them.  Why?

Stepmoms change the world.  We have incredible reach into millions of households.  We affect the extended relatives and friends of the family unit. If one stepparent has an “AHA” moment from any of our Stepmom Toolbox shows, the world changes. What if a family went from bitterness to love?  Hundreds are touched.

In an effort towards total world peace, my first guest on The Stepmom Toolbox Show is Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe University.  Jeannette is one of the premiere teachers of the law of attraction.  I felt so helpless and powerless as a stepmom that I wished that I had known the lessons that Jeannette teaches.  The truth is that I had the power all the time, but did not realize it.  (Quite similar to Dorothy’s lesson in The Wizard of Oz.)

There are no rules and no limits to what you can create, unless you impose limits on yourself.  Yes, you can change your relationship with that ornery stepchild or that nasty ex-wife. You just need to understand the core principles of how the universe works and the communication techniques to get you there.

Give this class a listen!  What do you have to lose?  It works.  I promise.

To Listen to My Class with Jeanette Maw:

Call in number to hear the show live:  (347) 843-4229

Thursday, September 8th

9:00am PST/Noon EST

Or, download the class, at your convenience via Itunes



12 Responses to The ONE LESSON that Can Change Your Life aka Stepmoms Listen Up!

  1. So glad I found your website and the stepmom’s toolbox this week. I listened to the Law of Attraction podcast with Jeanette and was very impressed with the quality of your discussion. I found it very helpful and insightful and it definitely struck a chord with me. Thanks for doing this. I have been a stepmom for over 6 years now and am struggling with my feelings of being overwhelmed, under appreciated, and constantly irritated about the very things you talk about. It’s nice to know it’s not a personality issue but rather a common situation with step parents. With that said, I am thrilled to see such educated, intelligent women leading the charge to help spread advice and offer support for stepmoms.

    • I was so thrilled to get your post! If I accomplish nothing else, just letting each other know that we are not alone, is worthwhile. I will tell you that I intend to be one of the leaders taking us forward. I feel passionately that we need support, some good ‘ole fashioned coaching and some serious fun. What do you think about a stepmom retreat for all of us? I want to host one next year.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all this information and advice. After 11 years of being a single mother, blending a family with mine and his 3 children has really thrown me for a loop in ways I didn’t even conceive of until the maelstrom of frustration set in. This is no easy task, but I’m so thrilled to find The Stepmom’s Toolbox, and such an amazing, intelligent woman, that would be you, to help us newbies along. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  3. Even though Radar Online gave the website some publicity it is putting you in a bad light. It makes you look bad. No offense but I would not be retweeting or posting this article unless it was in a more flattering light. It making Leann Rimes vindictive towards Brandi Glanville with the “nasty ex-wife” mention in your article.

  4. My father’s second wife was HORRIBLE to my siblings and me. HORRIBLE. From what I have read from your site, you have a lot of good, kind advice for how to treat your husband’s children. Thank you, I hope you help a lot of families.

    P.S. I think families that have a divorce because of an affair (AKA…LeAnn Rimes) will never fully have a peaceful, loving family. Families can’t be built on pain, lies, and heartbreak.

    • First, thanks for writing in. I have been thinking about what you said about families built on an affair cannot create a peaceful, loving family. I think that subject is worthy of a blog or two. I’m still thinking about it. I can tell you that it is a sad thought.

  5. I can see why this article would appeal to the malignant narcissist Leann Rimes, “there are no limits on what you can create…” So it’s advice like this that encourages her to create a birthday cake for Eddie featuring him and Leann naked in bed, having sex, with Brandi’s boys underneath?
    The cake of a child molester, taunting the mother of her future victims.

  6. […] Of course. And finally, LeAnn linked to a blog called “The Evil Stepmother Speaks” with is some kind of infomercial-like thing for step-mothers who think that they rule the world. Which is fine – being a step-parent is an important and often overlooked job. But LeAnn is hellbent on getting herself SO much attention for looking after her step-sons. Oh, and people are getting upset about LeAnn’s link to the post because there was some kind of reference to dealing with “that nasty ex-wife”. I don’t know… I’m not going to get into it. The Brandi versus LeAnn flame-war gets too minutia-oriented at times. You can read more about it here and here. […]

  7. Its always “the evil ex wife” coz most stepmoms only hear their husbands side of the story demonizing the ex. Which one of them thinks their man had no part to play in being a douchebag? That’s for sure, my son comes back to tell me things his step mom says about me, bad mouthing me in front of him…it upsets him and really, the woman doesn’t even know me, she just hears it from my ex and lord how did that douche manage to con another woman into marrying him, who knows! Lol. Anyway, maybe she’s learning now what he is truly like, now that she too has a kid…she can worry about how he has said so much bad about me and maybe see herself in my shoes. We are not all nasty ex’s and if we are, we were made to become that way. Two hands to clap.

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