The Best Gift a Step Parent Can Give Their Step Children

The Best Gift is the Voice of "It's Okay"

I always loved giving my children gifts.  I always liked to surprise them by giving them something new or different.  I enjoyed the process of determining how I could give them something that would make them laugh or delight them.  Often, I would give them things that they didn’t know they would need.

At the end of the day, the best gift a stepmom or dad could give their children is the true gift of generosity.  Generosity of the heart and mind, not of the pocketbook.  Generosity means that your home is a calm, welcoming place.  When parents or children have to change schedules, you are generous of heart.  It’s okay.  If the children are late, that’s okay, too.  Generously allowing the children one-on-one time with their bio parent is a lovely stocking stuffer.  The gift of being easy going and not attaching alot of meaning to holiday schedules is the best gift you can give your kids.

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