Stepmother Says, “I Can’t Win!!!” The #Stepmother #Olympics

Stepmothers are the Olympians of Life

Here’s  short tip for stepmothers that have ever thought or said: “I Can’t Win!” Haven’t we all said these words?  Doesn’t it feel as if all stepmothers are an Olympic trial every day of the week?  This blog is written the week of the Summer Olympics 2012.  Since all of us are watching the #Olympics, it seems like a perfect week to discuss “winning’. In this quick 15 minute or less) tip, I will suggest to you how to “win” at this Step Parenting thing! Maybe, we can win that gold medal! Or, maybe, we have already won???

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The STEPMOTHER  Olympics are the #Life #Olympics
  • Stepmothers  are challenged to become enlightened people…fast

  • Our sport is to move from a fear-based life to a love-based life

  • For everyone who gets on our ‘stepmother’ nerves, pray for happiness for that person for one month.

  • Make the conscious decision to be happy


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