Stepmother Help-Sorry, I Still Hate the #Ex-Wife-The Evil Stepmother Speaks

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Stepmothers: There is Light at The End of the Stepfamily Tunnel

Even though you don’t want to be “that” evil stepmother, you find yourself still hating the ex-wife.  You are convinced that she hates you.   You think she does anything in her power to disrupt your life.  You also have thoughts about the stepchildren and often think that they are sabotaging you.

You’ve listened to some of my other tips and they just don’t cut it.

There is help.  Actually, there is an explanation.  Some of these feelings are scientifically driven. If you can understand how the human brain functions, it will help you understand why you have these feelings and can’t seem to get rid of them.   I explain it all to you on this quick tip.

Listen, I always find that when I understand why I feel a certain way, it helps me to improve.


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