Stepmother Help-One Day I Decided to Laugh, Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho!

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One Day the Stepmother Woke Up and Laughed!
-by Marylou Falstreau

One day I just realized how funny it was to be a stepmom.  I mean it is truly hysterical.  It makes me laugh.  For all of you reading this who are not laughing, let me explain by reviewing some of the common thoughts surrounding the stepmother image:

1.  Do I look like a homewrecker?

Right, like I had time to wreck homes.  When did I have time to do that?  I had  a full time career and a child of my own to raise.  I wouldn’t know the first thing about where to go to find a home to wreck.  Let’s face it, I was never the type anyway.  I’m okay, but I’m no Angellna Jolie.  I am not, nor was I ever charming in any way.  Most of the time, I was focused on getting some sleep and eating ice cream out of the container.  I love the image of myself as a femme fatale.  It just makes me laugh.

2.  Am I focused on your family’s treasure?

I guess it is mandatory to remarry only for the money.  What money?  The last time I checked, most divorced people with children have massive financial responsibilites.  Child support. Alimony.  The loss of assets in the divorce.  If I’m wrong on this one, please write to me and steer me in the right direction.  I would be willing to bet that in  most cases, the new spouse is helping their partner regain financial resources.  I bet that most step parents aare selflessly sharing their dollars with everyone.  The idea that I married for money makes me chuckle.

3.  I am a bitch.

Okay, you got me here.  Perhaps, I was a tad grumpy as I tried to juggle everything.  Moody, a bit?  Yup.  My excuse?  I was overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed because my family grew exponentially and really fast.  I went from one to four children.  I meant business when it came to loving and helping to shape all the kids.  Admittedly, I was thinking about those kids all the time.  If that doesn’t make you grumpy, what will?  Having said that, I smile every time that I think about those kids.  They are funny.  I love hearing them laugh and watching them lead their lives.  I’m smiling now.

Okay, so one out of three isn’t bad.


P.S.: This fabulous image is by Marylou Falstreau.  You can see her entire portfolio at



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