Stepmother Advice-Can You See the Forest for the Trees?-


Stepmom Help May Come from The Birds of Central Park.
Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

Have you ever heard of the The Central Park effect?  I had never heard of it until this weekend when I was channel surfing  and landed on a movie called “Birders: The Central Park Effect”.    

As birds migrate from the East Coast to the West Coast, they look for places to land so they can fuel up (eat) and rest.  When flying over Manhattan, most birds see concrete and keep going.  But, then, there are those that spy the green of Central Park.  Those creatures land in the Park where they can eat and find a beautiful haven to rest. As a result of this migration, Central Park has become a home to over 230 varieties of birds and, now, the park is a mecca for bird watchers.  It is a beautiful place to land.

Why do some birds  see that small patch of green from high in the sky while others only see concrete?  Maybe, those birds see the whole picture.  They can see the end game and know exactly what they are trying to accomplish.  Maybe, those birds have an open and optimistic mind so they are able to see the possible from what appears to be an impossible view.

Think about those lucky birds that find Central Park.  By being open and optimistic, they saw green.  Can you see the green within your own family?   It is easy to get consumed by the day to day annoyances.  When your brain travels to that place that says, “No one listens to me.  I have no control!”, then, you will miss the park.

Remember that you have control over your thoughts.  Take a breath.   Most of the time, your family members are not thinking about what you want or how you will feel.  They are thinking about themselves.  It is human nature.  So, don’t attach self-centered meaning to people’s actions and words. In fact, put a positive spin on it.  Think of an annoying behavior.  Instead of talking about how much it drives you crazy, say “I love when Johnny leaves his dirty plates in the sink!  It gives me an opportunity to feel the cool water on my hands!”  I know this sounds insane, but this type of positive view changes the energy and you suddenly see the green sanctuary of Central Park.  Try it and you, too, will see the forest for the trees.



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  1. My Mom always says: Be tnkahful when your life is boring. Boring is good! Sorry to hear about your daughter’s loss. Losing a belovedpet is sad. It sounds like you and your ex handled it witha lot of grace. Your daughter is blessed to have compassionate parents.

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