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Stepmoms! Has Our Time Come?

Enough is enough.  By now, you have heard the story about #SusanFluke, a third year Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress.  Ms. Fluke was in favor of health plans paying for contraception medication, especially because they are used to treat medical conditions, not just for contraception.  #RushLimbaugh responded with a 3-day rant calling Ms. Fluke a slut and prostitute.  As a result, numerous companies have pulled their advertising from the show.Seeing the list of companies that have pulled their advertising gives me a sigh of relief and shows me that there is a shift.

Isn’t this a story line that we have heard time and time again? What impact does it really have?  It encourages women to be:

Silent.  Who wants to be attacked on national radio? The hope is that most women  choose silence rather than speak. 

Feel Powerless.  A constant theme in the world is to limit women’s power.  I have no idea why this is a pervading need except to suggest that power must reside within females.  Why else would the world be so intent on silencing us?

Demoralize and Switch the Focus.  It seems to be important to make women feel bad and sway the focus away from the core issues.  You know what the core issue is?  Everyone is afraid and scared of showing it.  They don’t know what to do.  So, the logical answer is to create a demon:  women.

Stepmoms…sound familiar?  Maybe our time has come to teach the world and other women how to deal with the negative stereotypes and create the world we really want.  Love at all costs.  Kindness. Compassion. Generosity.  No expectations. No fears.  Stay focus on what you know is right.  Is it time for a stepmom for President?



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  1. Thanks for the post. Just seemed odd that they would go there at this time during the race for a candidate. Do they not realize, recognize, or acknowledge that in the year 2012, women do have some political clout? Or were they thinking that it would only offend those taking birth control for medical reasons? Did he not know that the thought of and proposing that videos be taken of all those taking birth control having sex and showing it freely to all taxpayers was crossing a line? Has part of the world gone mad?
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