Stepmoms Think: “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Names….”

Have you ever said anything nasty about your spouse’s ex?  Your stepchildren? How about one bio parent talking about the other? Every stepmom has that inevitable feeling that they are being talked about or criticized.

Our step families can be a frustrating place to live.  With the holidays coming soon, those frustrations can skyrocket as holiday schedules are negotiated and time with the children is carefully monitored.  Nasty comments may be muttered on both sides of the family. It doesn’t have to be this way. The stepmom can lead the way.

You may ask, “what’s the big deal?” if I say a few nasty words?  Our words change who we are and it changes the world. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto highlights this point.

Dr. Masaru Emoto  has spent his career studying the the mystery of water. He exposes water to music, written words, spoken words, pictures and videos and studies the effect on the frozen crystal that forms.  Dr. Emoto believes that it is through this frozen crystal that water’s true nature is shown.

Stepmoms! Our words make a difference in our step families.
Stepmoms Can Bring Love and Gratitude
Your Crystal Can Look Like This

Sixty percent of our body is composed of water.  Sixty percent of the earth is also composted of water.  Water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.  Here is a picture of a water molecule exposed to the words, love and gratitude:

Here is the results of the comment, “You make me sick”.

Stepmom Nasty Words Make a Difference
Or, Stepmoms Can Elicit This Response
“You Make Me Sick” created this reaction in a water molecule.

Thinking kind thoughts towards the world, our families, our friends and strangers makes a huge difference in ways that we may not be aware.  As step parents, we are perfectly positioned to be the leaders of the kind thought and word agenda.


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