Stepmom Help from the Toolbox: Communicating from a Peaceful Place

My guest today is Indrani Goradia. 

I just love Indrani Goradia.  Why?  Because every time I am with her or in one of her classes, I learn something.  She is the coach that I would love to be.  She is an author, speaker, Certified life coach, triathlete, marathoner and Yoga Therapist. She is a featured expert with Steven Covey and Deepak Chopra, as well as a featured guest on TV and conferences domestically and internationally.

Indrani’s foundation is dedicated to Inspire, Educate, Mentor and Teach all Aspiring women, particularly maligned women to live the life of their dreams.

When I approached Indrani about being a guest on Stepmom Toolbox, she said, “I have the perfect subject”.  Let’s talk about communicating from a peaceful place when choosing to speak.  I thought, “Hxxx, Yeah!  Teach me how to do that!”  Speaking for all stepmoms, I think we would all love to communicate from a peaceful place, but that might be a tad challenging. 

Indrani conducts group workshops and is “completely energized” when helping others to peel back their layers to uncover their right  life.  Sign up for Indrani’s Chat n Chai tele-discussions.  They are free and it is your chance to talk to or listen to some of the great thought leaders of our time.  You can sign up at




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