Step Children and Their Parents: The Adult Children of Divorce

step children of the blended family
Why Do We Expect So Much from Our Step Children?
Even As An Adult

Step Children and The Impact of the Divorce

I am thrilled to have Judy Klipin, Certified Dr. Martha Beck Life Coach join us.  Judy is from South Africa and is an expert on adult children.  With the holidays coming, family expectations and guilt soar, especially from step children.  I often feel that we expect a great deal from our adult children and our step children, but should we?

Step children are faced with incredible expectations.  Internally, step children feel as if they need to be perfect.  They have to show their loyalty and love to both parents.  This seemingly innocent charge may be filled with conflict.  If you show your love to your father, are you disloyal to your mother?  What a terrible position to be placed in!  Yet, we do it everyday.

Judy has developed her own methodology aimed specifically at ‘adult children’ – people who, for any number of reasons, had a childhood that was inconsistent or unpredictable in some way or for some time. She has written an e-book called Into the Light, which is devoted to healing the wounds of adult children. You can find more about Judy at


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