How Can a Horse Teach us How to Lead our Step Families?

A Stepmom Learns from The Greatest Teacher on Earth

On December 8th, I will host Koelle Simpson, the Horse Whisperer on The Stepmom Toolbox Show.  Now, why would I have a horses whisperer on a show dedicated to step families? The answer will change your life.

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about Koelle.  From an early age, Koelle had the incredible gift of being able to communicate with nature.  I’ll let her tell you why when she guests on the show.  Because of her talent, from 2000 to 2005, Koelle was a student of world-renowned equine trainer and best-selling author Monty Roberts, known as “The Horse Whisperer”. Koelle was given the opportunity to learn first hand how to teach others how to refine their leadership and communication skills using the non-verbal language of horses.

In 2005, Koelle was offered an apprenticeship with internationally acclaimed life coach, best selling self help author, and Oprah columnist, Dr. Martha Beck.  Through Dr. Beck’s guidance, Koelle learned how to open up a new world to troubled individuals and lead them to a new life.  As a certified Martha Beck life coach, I saw Koelle at a conference and soon became her student.  I was lucky enough to train with her and it opened up a new world to me and she was one of my most coveted choices as a guest on The Stepmom Toolbox Show.

At the end of the day, parenting is about leadership. Our greatest teachers are usually those that we least expect. Ever feel as if you don’t know what to do with your step children or bio children? The answer is right in front of us and it is an unbelievable honor to have Koelle show us the way.

Straight from the Tedx Conference in San Diego, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. Her mission in life is to help others to reconnect with the amazing lessons of nature. Individuals are able to unleash the powerful leader within each of us.

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A Stepmom is Grateful to Her Teacher


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