#GregSmith’s: Why I Left Goldman Sachs-A View from The Evil Stepmother

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Are We Entering a Kinder World?

A great parental moment happened yesterday.  Did you see the op ed piece in the New York Times?  It was a piece written by Greg Smith called Why I Left Goldman Sachs.  After working at Goldman Sachs for 12 years, Mr. Smith explains why he has decided to leave the firm.  He said, “To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money.”  In simplest terms, Mr. Smith was frustrated by Goldman Sach’s focus on profit rather than the needs of their clients.  He also opted to quit his position by writing a letter to the public in the New York Times. 

It made me think about my life as a stepmother.  I decided to write a piece for The Huffington Post which re-enacts Mr. Smith’s views from the stepmom perspective.  Unfortunately, I am awaiting their response to my article and I can’t reproduce it here, yet.  But, I still think there was some things to think about.

Celebrity and Global Access

I have to say that I am somewhat jealous.  You can now quit your job via the media.  I love that.  But, as a parent, it’s a little scary.  There is a new chapter in parenting.  You need to teach what is private and what is for public consumption.  Those boundaries have become very blurred.  Maybe, privacy is an old fashioned concept?  In some ways, stepmoms are ahead of the game.  We have been accused of being wicked, evil and morally corrupt from the beginning of time.  And, it has all been done in the public eye.  Look at any movie or fairy tale and there we are!

Money vs Ethics

This has always been an important topic, but it is a vital concept with the current crop of children (Ages 35 and younger).  Greg Smith’s conscience overpowered his career. In fact, he sounds very frustrated. This may be a great thing.  How many other Greg Smiths are out there and want to do business the “right” way?   What an interesting topic for the dinner table!  Do you think that the how you make money is as important as the amount of money you make?  Are we  on the road towards creating a kinder world?  Does that include your stepmom?  Or, are we still couched as those people that are only interested in their dad’s money? Again, check out any fairy tale and there we are:  the recipients of all the treasure left by the children’s deceased parent.

I find Greg Smith’s article inspiring.  You can tell when someone is writing the truth. Greg’s article is written from his heart and you can hear it through his written words.  I think we are on to something here: a kinder world.



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