Every Stepmother Needs a Cheat Sheat!

There are a thousand situations, but I thought it may be nice to have a cheat sheet for just a couple of the more common situations.  It’s a start!  Let’s face it.  There are rules for sports.  Rules at work.  Rules at school  What about rules for the stepfamily.  As I always say, “Stepfamilies are not for the faint of heart”. It would sure be easier if we could make a list of rules.  Here is a start.

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Stepmother Help In Your Purse, Car or Phone!







7 Responses to Every Stepmother Needs a Cheat Sheat!

  1. Theresa says:

    My step children have never said to me that I am not their mother, they are too manipulative to ever say that. They would listen to me if their father did not get in the way and say I’m being neurotic about looking for the urine on the side of toilet where they are peeimg. They do not have a room at my house because they only come every other weekend, but they do leave their things any where they want. Once again, dad says I’m being neurotic. They are rude, but I’m just being neurotic. The only schedule they have is theirs. I complained to a friend once and she was so rude to my husband that she kicked us out of her home. She told me she could not support a loser and his rude children. I’ve tried everything to make peace and all I get is heartbroken. My next step is kick him and his children out of my life.

  2. Heather says:

    I think I need a cheat sheet for dealing with both my own kids and my stepdaughter, because I have plenty of scenarios with all of them where what I’m thinking in my head is not what I want to come out of my mouth! ;)

    • Marcelo says:

      While I agree with the idea that fear is at the root of the responses sdepchiltren display to stepparents, particularly among stepdaughters and stepmothers, I am not completely sold on the strategy shared, counteract the fear with silence and/or extreme kindness. It is quite possible that the stepchild would mistake the extreme kindness as a weakness or find the effort to be phony. How do you manage the relationship when acts of kindness are taken for granted or expected? My stepdaughter is attention-seeking and has a sense of entitlement.

  3. Tricia says:

    What a awesome Idea. Thanks for the cheat sheet… And being a step mother I have heard them all…

  4. Beth says:

    I recognise a couple of those! Thankfully I have never had the ‘You’re not my Mum’line. I guess I should prepare for this as they hit their teens though..
    Thanks for the cheat sheet, good stuff!

  5. Theresa says:

    My family had bad manners and we finally found the best solution! We were able to give them a sticker every time they ate a meal without chewing with their mouth open, if they didn’t need more than one reminder a day to say please and thank you, no throwing a tantrum when it comes to eating veggies,etc. After they earned 30 they got to choose the dinner menu. We had steak, pancakes and tomatoes last night :) Now that we are going on vacation in the spring we said they get $1 towards vacation money each sticker they earn. The kids have asked if we can do stickers instead of allowance now too.

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