Dear Stepmom, Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Stepmom,

You must be shocked to be receiving this card from me.  Let’s face it, seven Mother’s Days have gone by and you haven’t heard from me.  Please do not let my silence speak for me.  I really do appreciate you.

Surprisingly, it has been nice to have you around.  At first, I was truly resentful.  The last thing I needed or wanted was another parent:  especially one that I never chose.  Over time, I have come to realize that it is comforting to have someone around who knows all the players in my life.  I know that if I want to express my feelings about my life, you will understand because you are there with me.  If I say nothing, I know you understand as well.  In fact, it has been your silence that I have appreciated the most.  Actually, your brownies are pretty good, too.

You may be asking yourself why you have not heard from me on Mother’s Day.  I just do not want to take the risk of hurting my mother.  This day is important to her and I am unsure if she would be willing to share it.  Sometimes, it is nice for me to celebrate a holiday like a “normal” family and not have to move from one location to another.  I hope you understand.

Think of my silence on Mother’s Day as an act of gratitude straight from my heart.  Words and gifts cannot express my appreciation \ for you.


Your Stepchild

Dear Stepmom, Happy Mother's Day

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