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Stepmother Lament: When Will I Get Justice?

When will I get justice?  Have you ever thought about justice?  I know that I have. Does any of this sound familiar? “I do all of this work.  When will someone thank me?” ” I am always the one picking up the pieces.  Yet, I never get asked.  It’s just assumed I’ll watch the kids… Continue Reading

The Stepfamily Definition of Stupidity

They say that the definition of stupidity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.  If we were to be honest with ourselves, do we do the same things?  Do we avoid the hard work associated with change?  Do we want to avoid any vulnerability to our stepfamily members? Do… Continue Reading

The Stepmom and the Ex: We’re Bringing Bitchy Back

I’m bringing bitchy back Them other girls don’t know how to act Sometimes I think that stepmothers and ex-wives should have a t shirt that says, “We’re Bringing Bitchy Back”.  Maybe, I should create a rap video of the same name.  Let’s face it. Many of us act really bitchy towards the ex-wife or partner. … Continue Reading

Every Stepmother Needs a Cheat Sheat!

There are a thousand situations, but I thought it may be nice to have a cheat sheet for just a couple of the more common situations.  It’s a start!  Let’s face it.  There are rules for sports.  Rules at work.  Rules at school  What about rules for the stepfamily.  As I always say, “Stepfamilies are… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks: I Apologize to All #Moms…No More Bio Mom

I really dislike the term bio Mom as must as I dislike the term stepmom. I have used these terms in my blogs on a frequent basis.  I use them because I am trying to differentiate who I am talking about.  A few readers have called me on the carpet about the bio Mom title… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks: My Stepchildren and Their Mom Feel Entitled

I hear that word constantly.  My stepchildren feel entitled.  Their Mom feels entitled.  Everyone seems to feel entitled except us.  Hmmm…I wonder if that’s true?  Let’s tear it apart a bit and see if we can find a solution. What do we mean by entitled?  The word entitled means that you feel as if you… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks: Is Your Stepfamily Afraid of You?

Has your stepfamily ever told you that they are afraid of you?  Don’t be surprised if they are terrified.  Yes, I said ‘terrified’.  No one will tell you that they are scared.  In fact, they may act as if they tower over you and give you the impression that you are powerless.  Have you seen… Continue Reading

The Evil StepParent Speaks: I MIGHT BE A PAIN IN THE A–!

I just realized that I have been a pain in the ass.  It hit me like a lightning bolt.  Let me explain my thinking. When I became a stepmother, I jumped in with two feet.  I was so excited to be related to my stepchildren.  I loved being part of their lives.  I also felt… Continue Reading

The 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Mother’s Day

It is that dreaded time of year for stepmothers everywhere, Mother’s Day.  The emotional turmoil and quiet confusion starts several weeks before the holiday and culminates in a litany of rationalizations right up until that dire Sunday.  It is reasonable that children spend Mother’s Day with their mother.  For divorced families, it means that the… Continue Reading

The Ex-Wife and the Evil Stepmother Speak

I always wanted to tape  a frank conversation between a stepmother and a Mother.  I always had this theory that if we could hear each other, we may think differently about the way we think, act and speak.  I am anxious to hear your feedback on the conversation. This is a personal conversation between me… Continue Reading