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Stepmom Help from the Toolbox: Communicating from a Peaceful Place

My guest today is Indrani Goradia.  I just love Indrani Goradia.  Why?  Because every time I am with her or in one of her classes, I learn something.  She is the coach that I would love to be.  She is an author, speaker, Certified life coach, triathlete, marathoner and Yoga Therapist. She is a featured… Continue Reading

Need Stepmom Help? Listen to Cath Duncan Talk About The Role of Grief in our #Stepfamilies

I am a true believer that grief plays an ongoing and critical role in our stepfamilies.  Did you ever feel as if the children just won’t come around?  Why are these adult children so mean to me?  Why doesn’t the ex-spouse or the children like me? These are the times that call for  stepmom help.… Continue Reading

Win a CafeSmom Gift Bag! Read about Stepmoms and Self-Care. Best Comment on the Show, Wins!

Help me welcome the fantastic Heather Hetchler of Cafe Smom blog/coaching/stepmom store site.  Heather is one of our stepmom heroes and today we’re going to talk about self care.  (Yes, I know.  You don’t have the time!)  Listen to Heather talk about her recent journey towards self care and my failures in that area. Heather… Continue Reading

Did You Ever Feel Unlucky? You Can Be Cured! The Evil Stepmother Speaks Talks to Susan Hyatt

Today is your lucky day, Stepmoms!   Welcome Susan Hyatt, Author of Create Your Own Luck, 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On! Susan is a Master Certified Life Coach, published author, audience-shifter, luck accelerator + multi-passionate mentor for your body, your business and your life. She helps men + women who’ve lost their sense of… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks with Morgana Morgaine: Should a Stepmother be a Clown???-The Evil Stepmother Speaks

Here’s your chance to laugh your way through StepMother Hood!  Morgana  Morgaine is a certified Martha Beck life coach, world traveler, nurse, anesthesiologist and professional clown.  Yes, I said clown!  She understands the importance of laughter in your life.  Join us! Morgana Morgaine is a coach, educator and humorist.  As a healer, she is a… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks to Gretchen Pisano: #Stepmother #Leadership from a Place of Strength

Stepmother and Mom Leadership from a Place of Strength! So often we hear about business leadership, but little about women’s leadership in the world and in her home. We certainly hear listtle about a stepmother’s leadership in the home.   It is an honor to welcome my guest, Gretchen Pisano, an expert in Positive Psychology… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother & Darliss O’Donnell: Relationship Coach!

Another fantastic treat when I invite Darliss O’Donnell, Certified Martha Beck Coach and Relationship Coach to The Stepmom Toolbox Show.  Darliss, who splits her time between Alaska and Arizona, is an expert on the relationships that shape our lives. Her motto is, “It’s all about relationships!”  So, of course, I’m going to give her a… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks to Derek Frederickson: Stepmother Attraction to Good Things!

I begged and begged to get my guest today, Derek Frederickson, to be my guest today on Stepmom Toolbox.  I wanted him because I believe that parenthood (being a stepmother) is a combination of leadership, coaching and entrepreneurship.  After all, we are guiding our children and each family is a unique unit, dictating creativity and… Continue Reading

How do the Forces of Nature Teach Us? The Evil Stepmother Speaks to Koelle Simpson, Horse Whisperer

On December 8th, I spoke with Koelle Simpson, the Horse Whisperer.  Now, why would I have a horses whisperer on a show dedicated to step families?   At the end of the day, parenting is about leadership.  Our greatest teachers are usually those that we least expect.  Ever feel as if you don’t know what to… Continue Reading