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The Heart of the Stepmom #Tribe – The Evil Stepmother Speaks

As many of you know, I am a #MarthaBeck life coach.  Dr. Beck calls all of her coaches, the tribe.  Somehow, all of us know that we are part of a tribe and that we belong there.  We belong together because we are of like mind.  We don’t go around talking about what connects us. … Continue Reading

#GregSmith’s: Why I Left Goldman Sachs-A View from The Evil Stepmother

A great parental moment happened yesterday.  Did you see the op ed piece in the New York Times?  It was a piece written by Greg Smith called Why I Left Goldman Sachs.  After working at Goldman Sachs for 12 years, Mr. Smith explains why he has decided to leave the firm.  He said, “To put… Continue Reading

Stepmoms, Maybe Our Time Has Come – The Evil Stepmother Speaks

Enough is enough.  By now, you have heard the story about #SusanFluke, a third year Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress.  Ms. Fluke was in favor of health plans paying for contraception medication, especially because they are used to treat medical conditions, not just for contraception.  #RushLimbaugh responded with a 3-day rant calling… Continue Reading

Did You Ever Feel Unlucky? You Can Be Cured! The Evil Stepmother Speaks Talks to Susan Hyatt

Today is your lucky day, Stepmoms!   Welcome Susan Hyatt, Author of Create Your Own Luck, 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On! Susan is a Master Certified Life Coach, published author, audience-shifter, luck accelerator + multi-passionate mentor for your body, your business and your life. She helps men + women who’ve lost their sense of… Continue Reading

Why Would a Stepmom Read an Old Text like The #Tao de Ching? Ridiculous! – The Evil Stepmother Speaks

No one is going to read this blog and I know it.  What the h— is more boring than reading an ancient Chinese text called The #Tao de Ching?  Not only am I writing this blog, I actually did a show on The #Tao on The Stepmom Toolbox Show  I don’t think anyone will… Continue Reading

A Stepmom’s Lament #2: It Will Get Better!

It’s funny to me how all of us think alike.    “It will get better” is a common lament that I hear stepmoms say, especially in the earlier years.  Then, as the years go by  and there are still family issues, this deep sense of disappointment sets in.  Perhaps you have said it to yourself.  “After… Continue Reading

The Evil Stepmother Speaks with Morgana Morgaine: Should a Stepmother be a Clown???-The Evil Stepmother Speaks

Here’s your chance to laugh your way through StepMother Hood!  Morgana  Morgaine is a certified Martha Beck life coach, world traveler, nurse, anesthesiologist and professional clown.  Yes, I said clown!  She understands the importance of laughter in your life.  Join us! Morgana Morgaine is a coach, educator and humorist.  As a healer, she is a… Continue Reading

Reason #1: Why Did I Ever Become a Stepmom? – The Evil Stepmother Speaks

I felt really bad last week when I received a tweet that said, “Is there anything positive about being a stepmom?”  I thought about it and looked over my tweets and blogs.  Boy, I complain a lot.  I didn’t mean to complain, so I thought I would make a list of the positive aspects of… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Losing Weight and Blending Your Stepfamily, At the Same Time! Stepmom

Stepfamily and Stepmother Fitness Why would a stepmom coach talk about dieting? There is so much media about dieting and being thin. It really is a pain in the —-. Then, I started to think about it and I realized that some basic tenants of dieting could apply to our stepfamilies.  Why not consider fitness… Continue Reading