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Who Would Buy from a Stepmom Store?

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Giving a Stepmother a Gift is a Great Idea

When I heard that Marni Price had invented a website called Stepmom Gifts, I was surprised.  A store devoted totally to gifts for stepmoms, reminded me of the scotch tape store sketch that was on Saturday Night Live years ago.  (If you don’t remember it, google it or check out Hulu.)  The joke was about a person who opened a scotch tape store in the mall?  How many people shop there a day, like zero?  The Stepmom Store appears to have the same consumer count, zero.   I mean…who would buy a gift for their stepmom?

At least people think about scotch tape around the holiday times.  When you are wrapping gifts, it is a must-have.  Not many people think about their stepmother, even on the holidays.  It is bad enough that you have to buy presents for your “real” parents, let alone a stepparent.  Scotch tape lives in your home 24/7.  Everyone has a roll in a drawer somewhere.  After all, you never know when you will need it.

In most cases, stepmothers do not live with their stepchildren 24/7.  The funny thing is that they are always there when you need them.  You don’t have to pay attention to them but they are happy to pick you up from your sports event.  They don’t mind cooking dinner for you or doing your laundry.   Sometimes, you get a gift from her without asking.  Stepmothers even give you their money.  After all, who do you think helps Dad pay for the things you need or want?  Yet, no one would ever think to visit a Stepmom Store.

Scotch tape helps to stick one item to another.  You choose what should be adhered.  You had no choice when you had to accept your stepmother. You wee forced to stick with her whether you wanted to or not.  Interestingly, your stepmother is stuck with you, too.  She sticks tight to you, whether you ask her or not.  Have you ever noticed how much she seems to care about you?  Even if you think she’s a pain, her intention is for you to live your best life.  I guess stepmothers and stepchildren are stuck together for life.  Why buy a present for someone who thinks about your best interests?  After all, you are stuck to her.

The 3M Company that invented Scotch tape says that they sell enough annually to circle the globe 165 times.  That is a lot of sticky tape.  With over 95 million people in a stepfamily, that is a lot of stepmothers.  I wonder how many of them have been willing to circle the globe to make their stepchildren’s lives better?  Who knows?  Maybe, your stepmother has wanted to circle the globe alone to get away from the mean comments said to many of them.  Maybe they would like to be in a space ship so they can escape their loneliness and isolation.  After all, who would thank a stepmother?  Who would buy her a gift?  Perhaps, it’s not such a bad idea after all.


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