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The Evil Stepmom Admits, “I Want a Knight in Shining Armor!”

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Every Stepmom Wants A Knight In Shining Armor

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I want a Knight in Shining Armor.  I want my Knight to follow me around and defend me at all costs.  I do not need him to be my bodyguard, like the bodyguard of a celebrity or politician.  I need him to defend my thoughts, wants and desires.  I need him to pay attention to me and listen to me.  My Knight would always understand my side of the story and could eloquently explain my views.  Oh, and my Knight would execute my house rules.  In this way, I would not be intruding on anyone else’s domain.  After all, it was the law of the land, not the evil stepmother’s rules.

The Knights of the Stepmom Stable are a divine group, similar to the knights of King Arthur’s time, the Knights of the Round Table.  The Knights of the Stepmom Stable are in constant search for the Holy Fair. The Holy Fair is the eternal search for ‘fairness’.  They search for the answers to questions like:

“When will it be my time?

Why can’t I have control over my own house?

Why am I the only one that sees things?”

The Knights of the Stepmom Stable search the lands far and wide.  It has been said that they have been searching for the Holy Fair for centuries with no success.  Our Knights remain steadfast in their search for fairness and continue to defend the Stepmom Stable at all times.

My dream is that there is a new decree throughout our land.  Every time a woman marries a partner with children, they are assigned one of the Knights of the Stepmom Stable.  He will protect her at all costs so that she never feels shunned. Her rules are proclaimed throughout the land and all in her family follow them.  Since the new stepmom has a Knight, she will be immediately loved and adored by her stepchildren, the bio-Mom and her community.  Life will be perfect and the stepmom will live happily ever after.

The End


I didn’t want to ruin the story by telling the readers that life is unfair.  Actually, there is no real concept of ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ in the game of life.  We are where we are supposed to be and we are with the people who were chosen for us.  Our families are our Holy Grail: a divine vessel that forces us to look at our soul’s lessons.  Our search for life’s meaning is sitting at our dinner tables.