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An Homage to Our Heroes: LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville Help the Stepmom

Join us at The Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat 2017! #LifeChanging I watched The View last Friday.  One of their lead stories was about Brandi Glanville, first wife and bio mom to the children of Eddie Cibrian, the actor.  Eddie is now married to singer, LeAnn Rimes.  In an article in Australia’s NW HQ magazine, Brandi describes the… Continue Reading

Stepchildren: Because I Knew You, I Have Been Changed For Good

Stepchildren come into our life for a reason.  This touching rendition of I Have Been Changed from the play, #Wicked, speaks volumes for all of us stepmoms and our stepchildren.  It truly speaks to how lucky we are to have our stepchildren.  It is a tribute to forgiveness, love and family. Although the video is… Continue Reading

#GregSmith’s: Why I Left Goldman Sachs-A View from The Evil Stepmother

A great parental moment happened yesterday.  Did you see the op ed piece in the New York Times?  It was a piece written by Greg Smith called Why I Left Goldman Sachs.  After working at Goldman Sachs for 12 years, Mr. Smith explains why he has decided to leave the firm.  He said, “To put… Continue Reading

Stepmoms, Maybe Our Time Has Come – The Evil Stepmother Speaks

Enough is enough.  By now, you have heard the story about #SusanFluke, a third year Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress.  Ms. Fluke was in favor of health plans paying for contraception medication, especially because they are used to treat medical conditions, not just for contraception.  #RushLimbaugh responded with a 3-day rant calling… Continue Reading

Stepmom Lesson #3: #Joe Paterno, Leadership, Mentoring and the Stepmom

I am a Penn State alumni.  The passing of #Joe Paterno is very emotional for all of us that attended Penn State. Since Joe is on my mind, I wanted to share with you what I learned from Joe Paterno. Class Class is a tough quality to describe, but Joe Paterno had it.  I have… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Losing Weight and Blending Your Stepfamily, At the Same Time! Stepmom

Stepfamily and Stepmother Fitness Why would a stepmom coach talk about dieting? There is so much media about dieting and being thin. It really is a pain in the —-. Then, I started to think about it and I realized that some basic tenants of dieting could apply to our stepfamilies.  Why not consider fitness… Continue Reading

A Eulogy for Steve Jobs by His Sister.

This post speaks for itself.  Think about our own families.  Is it worth it to argue or be mean? October 30, 2011 A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs By MONA SIMPSON I grew up as an only child, with a single mother. Because we were poor and because I knew my father had emigrated from… Continue Reading

The Stepmom and the Ex-Wife: Are We Sister Wives?

The Ex-Wife and the Stepmom Have you noticed how many shows and documentaries are featuring the lives of polygamists? There is the HBO show, Big Love, the A&E show, Sister Wives and this past week Lisa Ling produced a documentary on the OWN network called Modern Polygamy.  The public’s fascination with these shows is the… Continue Reading

#MissRepresentation, In the EYEs of the Media, We are All Evil Stepmothers

I am watching the documentary Miss Representation and felt compelled to write as I watched.  Miss Representation is a documentary on women’s representation in the media.  It is a description of how women are being disempowered.  When children are eight years old, an equal number of boys and girls will say that they want to… Continue Reading