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Music Can Change the Stepfamily Brain

Music can make all the difference. Music is one of the great mood lifters in our arsenal. Not only can it change our attitude, but it can change the attitudes and moods of our family members. Here’s a life changing tip:

Every stepmother should have her earphones in 24/7. Keep your ipod full of upbeat music or music that reminds of us happyy memories. Kids coming for the weekend? Blare the music as they are walking in and keep it on!

Think about it. Got crabby kids? You won’t hear a thing. Is the ex calling to complain? You won’t hear that either. It’s perfect. Just keep dancing.

Actually, music can take a dreary day and make it magical and spiritual. It has been scientifically proven that music is a mood lifter. According to PsychBlog, “music’s influence spreads further still: right up from our genetic code, through our thoughts and bodies and out into how we relate in groups.”

Here is how it all works.

  1. You are what you listen to.
    Mood management is the #1 reason that people like to listen to music. If you are feeling sad, pieces of music that start on a sad, down note, but end on a more intense, happier note are good pieces of music to have in your playlist. It gives you the feeling of overcoming any downers in your head. (Eg., Safe & Sound by Sheryl Crow)
  2. You can summon your memories and create new ones
    One bar of music can take us back in time to fabulous memories. Take a second and think about the happiest times of your life and match the music. It’s a great mood changer.
    It has been proven that singing in a group brings people together. As you synchronize together, people start to like each other more. (Ereola & Ereola Study, 2013,   So, why not include singing in your family? Some families may incorporate singing together through prayer. Find a reason. Have music playing when the family comes to the dinner table. Pick a song that everyone sings before bedtime. Trust me. The kids will talk about that memory years later, even if they push back now.
  3. You can change your brain structure
    Neuroscientists believe that there is only one pleasure area of the brain and music is one of the ways you reach it. ( Music releases a chemical called dopamine, which creates the feeling of pleasure. Music literally triggers a part of the brain called the striatum and gives the same pleasure stimuli as food, sex or drugs.  

    Did you know that a blast of happy music can change your perception of other people? People will project the mood of the music onto other people. How many times have you been convinced that your stepchildren or the ex was scowling at you? Is that true? Or, are you projecting? Control those projections by listening to upbeat music before you in those situations. It only takes 15 seconds of music and I’ll bet you’ll see different facial expressions. ( Logeswaran et al. (2009) Study)

It’s our choice. Do we want to be happy or be the despicable me? The answer is as close to your radio or Itunes.


Lyrics by Pharrell Williams

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

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